Who we are

We are travellers, backpackers or globetrotters consulting travelling forums and Dominican Republic's admirers who realised that by just spending a huge amount of money on holidays, with just one Euro we could help by  embodying diverse projects or even collect first-need stuffs in order to give them to the poorest without depriving ourselves of holidays.

Many projects are today organised by JENNY from Higuey who stay there and know all about the worst and pressing cases.

It doesn't mean that you need to give money to anybody so they don't get used to live without working, or to be spent and spoilt by one of the family member.

But when an extreme case comes to mind, we try to help as much as we can.


To do so, we opened an account (see donations)  on which anyone can put as much money as wanted based on a free will contributions.

As well as donations, we organise toys, books, clothes and school supplies collect s in order to bring them directly to families-in-need.